Butterfly’s Wing

Le Départ

FLY15 2018

The long-anticipated debut recording from Butterfly’s Wing is launching in March 2018 on the Flying Blue Whale label with global distribution by Proper Music. 

FLY 15 cover.png

1 Butterfly’s Wing 4:08
    words: Jacqui Dankworth
2 Angel Feet 4:18
    words: Duncan Lamont    
3 The Bear 4:03
    words: David Gordon
4 Le Depart 5:41
    words: Virginie Guiffray
5 The Bridge 3:50
    words: David Gordon
6 Just A Song 3:38
    words and music: Charlie Wood

7 The Madman 1:48
    words: anon. 
8 To Marie 3:15
    words: John Bennett
9 The Knee 4:29
    words: Christian Morgenstern  

10 The Alchemist And The Catflap 5:18

11 Poem On A Rainy Day 4:56
    words: Jacqui Dankworth  

            Music composed and arranged David Gordon.            

Time: 45:34

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£14:00 inc p&p   


                         david gordon writes:

               “Many musical projects can be a bit slow-burn but in all the things I’ve been involved in, the Butterfly’s Wing project takes the biscuit. Arising naturally from the work Jacqui and I were starting to do together as a duo, the group performed for the first time in 2002 at London’s South Bank Centre. Jacqui and I had both had the idea of augmenting our duo with string instruments and, in the spirit of democracy, we nominated one string-player each, not knowing they already had a shared history, having played together in pianist Julian Joseph’s supergroup some years earlier. They also happened to be the country’s leading jazz string players and a dream band was born. For eight years after this it remained only a dream and not till our next outing in 2010 did the project start to fulfil its obvious potential. Inspired by the sound and feel of Jacqui’s unparalleled vocal delivery I found myself writing songs to her lyrics, to nonsense poetry, even to my own lyrics, and often with a multilingual strand. On this album French and German appear amongst the mostly English words, but there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes. Above all, the mysterious, infinitely flexible sound of the group gives an extraordinary - perhaps unique - palette to compose for: anything from a forest of whispers to a small orchestra to grooves so deep you’d never know that a rhythm section wasn’t there. With this recording, made in the most acoustic way - essentially in one room - the dream was finally realised.”