The hugely anticipated debut recording from Butterfly’s Wing is launching in March 2018 on the Flying Blue Whale label with global distribution by Proper Music.

“Sweeter than wine” Sean Rafferty BBC Radio 3
FLY 15 cover.png

1 Butterfly’s Wing 4:08
    words: Jacqui Dankworth
2 Angel Feet 4:18
    words: Duncan Lamont    
3 The Bear 4:03
    words: David Gordon
4 Le Depart 5:41
    words: Virginie Guiffray
5 The Bridge 3:50
    words: David Gordon
6 Just A Song 3:38
    words and music: Charlie Wood

7 The Madman 1:48
    words: anon. 
8 To Marie 3:15
    words: John Bennett
9 The Knee 4:29
    words: Christian Morgenstern  

10 The Alchemist And The Catflap 5:18

11 Poem On A Rainy Day 4:56
    words: Jacqui Dankworth  

            Music composed and arranged David Gordon.            

Time: 45:34

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david gordon writes:

               “Many musical projects can be a bit slow-burn but in all the things I’ve been involved in, the Butterfly’s Wing project takes the biscuit. Arising naturally from the work Jacqui and I were starting to do together as a duo, the group performed for the first time in 2002 at London’s South Bank Centre. Jacqui and I had both had the idea of augmenting our duo with string instruments and, in the spirit of democracy, we nominated one string-player each, not knowing they already had a shared history, having played together in pianist Julian Joseph’s supergroup some years earlier. They also happened to be the country’s leading jazz string players and a dream band was born. For eight years after this it remained only a dream and not till our next outing in 2010 did the project start to fulfil its obvious potential. Inspired by the sound and feel of Jacqui’s unparalleled vocal delivery I found myself writing songs to her lyrics, to nonsense poetry, even to my own lyrics, and often with a multilingual strand. On this album French and German appear amongst the mostly English words, but there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes. Above all, the mysterious, infinitely flexible sound of the group gives an extraordinary - perhaps unique - palette to compose for: anything from a forest of whispers to a small orchestra to grooves so deep you’d never know that a rhythm section wasn’t there. With this recording, made in the most acoustic way - essentially in one room - the dream was finally realised.”